Origins Of West Five Films

West Five Films was founded by Maynard Kraak in 2012 in response to the growing number of locally produced feature films in South Africa. To date, West Five Films has produced four commercial feature films:

Vrou Soek Boer (Woman Seeks Farmer, 2014)
Knysna (2014)
Sonskyn Beperk (Sunshine Limited, 2016)
Finders Keepers (2016).

There are a number of projects of various genres in packaging or development, including an Action Horror, Drama, Comedy and Thriller. West Five Films is open to co-productions anywhere in the world, and is also available as a facilitating producer for international productions intending to shoot in Southern Africa and take advantage of South Africa’s production rebate incentive (similar to tax credit) scheme.

Maynard Kraak: PRODUCER

The youngest of four children, Maynard was born and raised in Cape Town. After graduating from film school In the UK, he entered the South African entertainment industry with a stage production he developed, produced and directed. This was followed by over 12 years working in television as director, development producer and producer. Maynard has produced all of West Five’s productions and directed 3 of its four features.